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2017-01-12 12:01:32
Shadow: a patch of shade; a dark figure projected by anything which intercepts rays of light. Shadow: the darker, less illuminated part of a picture. Shadow: an inseparable companion; a ghost. Shadow: phantom; to shadow; to cast a shadow over; to outline. Shadow: shadow; moving shadow. The first few steps: the first few words: the first moment when a line crosses a line and suddenly you can never stop seeing... this change is seeing more, seeing less, seeing better, seeing worse but seeing is the first stone in the pond and as the ripples spread they alter everything they touch fundamentally everything takes on meaning, a look, a touch, a motion, a sign all seeds growing, seeds that never stop growing because you just never can stop them how can it be explained ? think of the one thing that you always wanted then think of it existing within you as a form of every day, like breathing then think of the breathing as a living thing that begins to change and then it disappears and the world once you get it but then you just go what you are wa